The world's largest lanfill, where anything can be thrown away. . . even people. No government wants to take responsibility for the place, and that suits its inhabitants just fine. Those born there or abandoned there as infants are not listed on any registry, and have no valid identification documents; as far as the rest of the world is concerned, they do not exist.

The number of inhabitants in Meteor City is unknown, but estimated to be in the millions. They make their livelihood scavenging and salvaging everything of use that the rest of the world throws away. Survival is only possible because the people there watch out for each other, with bonds between them thicker than blood. They accept anything the world dumps on them. . . but don't ever expect them to give any of it back.

Predominant religion is Satanism, out of hate for the god they feel is on the same side as the world that decided they were the same as garbage, and out of a feeling of kinship with the host of once-angels that, deemed unworthy of life, were cast out of heaven forever.

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